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Understand NABERSNZ and how it may affect you 

If you're a commercial or government building owner, property manager, or tenant you might be wondering what NABERSNZ ratings are, how they work, and what's involved to achieve a good result. Although now mandatory for many government tenancies, NABERSNZ ratings boast many other benefits such as:

  • Reduced OPEX with lower energy costs
  • Increased quality environment for occupants
  • Improved asset value

In this on-demand webinar lead by our CEO, Lincoln Watson, ESP Building Optimisation Manager Hong Lee, and Jack Steele from the New Zealand Green Building Council share real world insights and practical answers to all your NABERSNZ questions.

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Watch this on-demand webinar hosted by ESP, NZ's leading NABERSNZ assessor, and the New Zealand Green Building Council, administrators of NABERSNZ, to gain insight into what NABERSNZ is and how it may affect you. Throughout this webinar learn: 

What NABERSNZ is, and how it works

Hosted by NZ’s leading NABERSNZ assessor and administrator. Get the facts you need, straight from the horse’s mouth.

The difference between NABERSNZ and Greenstar

Understand the difference between the two and discover which assessment programme is right for your building(s).

How to get a NABERSNZ assessment

Learn what it takes to achieve a NABERSNZ rating and what happens throughout the assessment process.

Build a comprehensive energy management and monitoring plan

Understand what it takes to maintain a high NABERSNZ rating. Learn how to build a comprehensive energy management and monitoring plan.

About the presenters

lincoln watson
Lincoln Watson
ESP | Chief Executive Officer

The webinar will be hosted by ESP's CEO, Lincoln Watson. A successful leader of fast-paced technology businesses and corporate teams, Lincoln is focused on achieving a sustainable, carbon zero future through market leading technology including AI, ML and smart engineering.

hong lee
Hong Lee
ESP | Building Optimisation Manager

Hong is an award-winning consultant, leading NABERSNZ assessor and ESP’s Building Optimisation Manager. Hong’s technical and analytical abilities will help make sense of what NABERSNZ is, as well as providing you with insights into how it can benefit your building.

Jack Steele NZGBC-1
Jack Steele
NZGBC | Technical Coordinator

Jack coordinates a range of NZGBC's commercial tools, with a specific focus on NABERSNZ, Green Star Performance, and CarboNZero. As administrator of NABERSNZ he supervises and audits to projects. Jack has a Master’s in Building Science from Victoria University of Wellington.

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