NABERSNZ vs Green Star: A Guide to Building Energy Efficiency Ratings

A comparative analysis of New Zealand rating schemes

NABERSNZ or Green Star?

NABERSNZ and Green Star are the go-to for New Zealand and Australian buildings - but the question is, which one would be more suitable for your building? Which best represents your environmental goals?

To help you decide, we've developed this white paper as a guide to understanding energy efficiency ratings for buildings. We cover:

  • The benefits of obtaining a green building rating
  • An overview of green building ratings systems
  • Building ratings schemes in New Zealand - a closer look at NABERSNZ and Green Star
  • How NABERSNZ and Green Star work together
  • Green Star NZ vs. NABERSNZ – which one to choose?
  • Getting a NABERSNZ rating—ESP's step-by-step approach

Download the white paper

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