A carbon accounting how-to guide

Reducing your carbon emissions as a Kiwi Small or Medium Business


Climate change is happening. In fact, its impact on our planet has led to New Zealand introducing mandatory climate change reporting for the financial sector. It's likely that this legislation will extend to other industries in the near future.

What this means is that Kiwi organisations of all sizes will need to develop a strategy to record, account for - and ultimately lower - their carbon emissions.

To help you get started, we've put together a new eGuide. It looks at some of the sustainability challenges you're facing, what your options are, and introduces you to our innovative carbon accounting solution, designed specifically for Kiwi SMBs.

Reducing yor carbon emission as a Kiwi SMB

Download the eGuide to discover:

  • The challenges SMBs face around carbon management
  • Why digitisation is a carbon management game-changer
  • An introduction to CarbonHUB - best in its class in New Zealand

Download the eGuide

A peek inside

Reducing your carbon emissions as a Kiwi SMB has never been easier. Download our eGuide and learn: 

Why carbon accounting is critical for business success

An increasing number of businesses across all sectors will be required to comply with climate-change disclosures. The better prepared your business is, the easier the process will be and the faster your business will achieve success.

Challenges SMBs face around carbon management

Implementing a sustainability strategy can be a complex process. Not only that, but it’s likely that SMBs don’t have the necessary in-house resources to even get started on the sustainability journey.

Why digitisation is a carbon management game-changer

There’s been significant innovation in the area of technology tools to manage any businesses carbon footprint. Today, modern tools are designed to be affordable, scalable and most importantly accurate.

An introduction to CarbonHUB

Our CarbonHUB software is more than just a carbon accounting tool – it’s the smartest path to Net Zero. Developed specifically for Kiwi SMBs, access enterprise-level carbon accounting technology at an affordable price.

ESP’s clients have saved $100 million in energy costs and avoided 72,000 tonnes of carbon emissions

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